If you’re going to be alive, you’re going to feel emotion.  I think many would agree  that this is a universal truth and a blessing of life (even though negative emotions may feel like a curse).

Nowhere are those emotions more magnified than in human relationships. This magnification can often feel like the so called drama we all dread. The way out of this drama is through. The way through is honesty. Authentic, hardcore, vulnerable, often uncomfortable, downright terrifying, realness.  The drama fades away in the presence of realness, yielding respect, clarity and a truth that holds a soulful, peaceful quality. A truth that heals like a balm, and opens like a flower and closes like the final pages of a book. Where this quality of interaction exists, the seeds of love are sown. Love, in its essence, permeating, expansive, both inward, outward and interconnected.

Call drama by its real name – a lack of authenticity.  Step up, meet it in your fullness. Invite, no require, those you love to do the same. Watch drama morph. Drama is  slaughtered by your courage.  When you are saying the things no one else would say, the uncomfortable, real things no one wants to hear, when you are showing your tears, your emotion, your love, your rage, when you whisper the impossible (if you can barely muster a whisper at all); you are being real.

The brave heart is a dragon slayer, an alchemist, allowing truth and love to emerge.

The way out is through.