Pebbles at my Window

would you throw pebbles at my window at night (if I had a window) would you continue to lead like you did slow things down to be present to have me breath you in I was afraid I’d turn to…


letting in

it’s part of who you are he said remember hello’s, goodbye’s, crazy, surprises and that late afternoon as she put the key in the door outside she remembered, she’d forgotten… the doorstep fairytale she smiled at the pictures on the…

building bridges, just a girl

So you want in?

The Secret to a Woman’s Heart… This one’s been on my mind all week and I want to get it down on paper before I leave for paradise on Sunday… still, it’s a draft. Gents it’s very very very simple…

grief to relief, uncut


Tell me how a heart could have so long to prepare and even a lifetime to dream and not get it right and I will give you a woman at peace show me one who seeks to fill a soul…

grief to relief, uncut

Garden Angel

as she touched me the memory of you poured out of my heart my eyes flooded like the pouring rain last Thursday morning I could not control it, nor did I want to there was a deep aching for your…


No Calculated Risk

a lover needs not the other to love love is a singular experience multiplied when shared when expressed when created and he never needed me to encourage his love he just did needing not my permission to bring forth expression…


The Missing Piece

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~Rumi when I opened my eyes this morning I found a certain squirrel in my tree…

just a girl, uncut


a woman who smiles at life who loves all but a few have her heart forever those few are sacred to her and will always be carried with her one who is open but few have seen a glimpse of…



She wonders what it would be like to have you close journaling in bed and you fall asleep against her opening your eyes once in a while to check that she is still awake You know she loves to have…