a lover needs not the other to love
love is a singular experience multiplied when shared
when expressed
when created

and he never needed me to encourage his love
he just did
needing not my permission to bring forth expression
love is not a calculated risk

she loved him for his presence
for his insistence
for laughter
for connection
not for promise
she was thrilled
at them
at her possibilities manifested
at the moment
a string

and so he seemed
but she didn’t believe in love for assurability
for certainty
because love is in the details
as is life
as is truth
of truths
the doorstep lives for a promise
that has not certainty
but it just keeps believing
as love keeps loving
without a palpable promise
but still loving for the possibility of it
every time

it is not for her to say it so
for the lover to proclaim
or reveal
it is in the love that all of it comes forth
love cannot not come forth
cannot be hidden or contained
in thought
in quiet or insistent revealings
in the language of the body
and thats how love knows truth
loves needs no courage

love is courage