The Secret to a Woman’s Heart…

This one’s been on my mind all week and I want to get it down on paper before I leave for paradise on Sunday… still, it’s a draft.

Gents it’s very very very simple


You seriously want IN to a woman’s heart???????  ASK QUESTIONS. Listen to the answers.  Pay attention to every detail.  You know how ‘they’ teach you that women talk a lot of, they ramble about frivolous things.  Well let me tell you, if you can’t learn to listen, she’ll never give you her heart. That chitter-chatter… that seems to go on and on with her girlfriends, when she does it with you and you listen, truly listen. The whole world becomes a magical place, like a fairytale. Our hearts melt open with each question that you ask, every detail you seek out, with every listening ear you lend our way, we belong to you more and more.

Here’s the thing… YOU CAN’T FAKE THIS.  For one, we can tell !!!!!  We know when a man wants to HAVE us and when he wants to KNOW us. HUGE difference and we ain’t havin you if you just want the prize.For two, you can’t this up if you aren’t really seriously diggin this chick.

2- Be present. See number 1

3- DO while we BE. TAKE ACTION, LEAD. Have it under control. We love it when you know where you’re going.


Be ready at 8:00 wear black, strappy.

Pick you up after work, tell your boss you’ll be late tomorrow morning.

We’re leaving for the weekend, you only need something sexy.

Have sushi and a blanket in the car when we work late for a late night picnic, have coffee ready when you whisper us awake at 4:00 AM to go watch the sunrise. See number 3. See number 2. See number 1.

5-When we’re sad -See number 1

6- When we’re angry-See number 1

7- When we’re happy- See number 1

8- When we’re afraid – See number 1

I think that’s way more than enough to get you on the right path.

Much love to you brotha’s