I saw an opportunity to put this one out there… I’m pitching brotha …and I hope you’re catching. You might just thank me one day.

Ok gents, so yes, we know most of you can’t be bothered with our details. We know you don’t understand why we talk in circles and tell you all the nitty gritties. We know you don’t care about the berry markers. We can see the glazed over look in your eyes when we’re about to lose you.  We know you want us to get to the point already!!!!

Here’s the thing. The details, my dear bud, are a compliment to you.  The details means she’s either happy, or she trusts you, or both! So when you’re getting da dets, tell yourself you’re doin something right.  And if you really wanna score, stick to the curious George method.  Ask, ask, ask!!!! Get really curious and you’ll find that 1- we’re a lot more interesting when you’re curious and 2- we may just hit cloud nine and 3- you may get lucky and we’ll tell you our deepest secrets.

If she’s not giving you the details, you know something’s wrong.  Either you’re not showing up the way she needs you to.  Or you’re not showing up the way the she needs you to.  Because even if she’s had a really bad day, if she trusts you and you’re present in a way that she feels safe, she’s going to let you in.  So again, if she’s not talking, something is wrong.

And if she’s talkin, talkin, talkin and something comes up and she clams up, then you know it’s something she’s either really uncomfortable with or she doesn’t trust you enough to share.  In which case, all you need to do is get her to trust you and the comfort will come naturally. How do we build trust… refer to Curious George method.

And to all the amazing boys in my life who are ever so present.  Love ya lots!  You make my world even brighter than it already is!

SuzyQ, Q♥