Love does not obey our expectations; it obeys our intentions.” -Lloyd Strom

I have a firm belief that we can change the way we relate to someone if we truly commit to doing so.  I’ve been able to demonstrate this several times in my own relationships.  It takes a heck of alot of dedication, of commitment, of perseverance but it’s well worth the return on your investment.

I came across the above quote, posted by Whitney Sadowski today and undertsood why I’ve been so successful at proving this belief to be true.  It is when I’ve allowed myself to be lead by my intention that I’ve been able to pierce through the barrier between myself and my beloved and reach a place far beyond the limits of our practiced patterns of relating.  The pure intention held in some form of love has no limits.  In fact, it is expansive, whereas expecation is limited.  It is when I allow myself to be lead by my expectations that my endeaver to change a pattern of relating to someone fails.  Now, I am operating in a box, experiences have to show up or play out this way or that way. There is no room for the creative process of redefinition.  An expectation is something that limits you, but an intention is something that you can expand upon.

My intention is that these words will bring clarity and insight to those of you looking to redefine how you relate to your loved ones; so that you may experience the same joy I’ve come to know in the process fo transforming relationships and having now, something to build and expand upon.

SuzyQ, Q♥