I’m always boggled by people who tell me they get really really nervous before a first date.  How nervous are they really? What are they afraid of?  Rejection?  If a complete stranger calls you up and tells you they NEVER want to speak you again, will you be hurt? Will you feel rejected?  I would just say, “Hey thanks bud, have a nice day! And buzz off!”  But if someone you know well and care about sais the same to you, it would have a  completely different impact.

Shouldn’t the nervousness, if it comes, come a little later.. .say 3 or 4 dates in or later, or something like that? I mean you’re investing your time, you’re giving more of yourself, probably relating on a more intimate level.  The stakes are getting higher as you move forward.

I guess the common school of thought is, the territory is safer and safer with each new adventure together. And so the nervousness subsides.  It should come as no surprise that I would be a contradiction to that commonality. I always rather enjoy the first couple of dates.  They cater to my inquisitive nature and allow me learn new things, be fascinated with human nature as I always am.  Admittedly, I have been known to get a little squeamish with the time/dating continuum. Just because I value how I spend the resources of my time and share my spirit. If I’m giving more of the valued parts of myself to someone then I like to know they are embraced, valued and cherished. But that’s just me.

Of course, we can always step outside those boxes, outside the constraints of investment, of time, of sharing of one’s self and simply just enjoy each adventure for what it is. Just that.  Go home, get a good night’s sleep and look forward to the next when and whomever it comes with. Throw out the expectations, set a powerful intention to relate in integrity and feel really good Like Abraham sais, I like you pretty much right now let’s go for another ride (Monday)… I like you pretty much right now, let’s go for another ride (Tuesday) on and on and on and before you know it, you’re riding the ferris wheel 365 days in a row over and over with someone who feels just the same way.  And if you’re lucky, you skipped out on the whole first date, second date, whatever date nervousness.  Then again, whenever you get those jitters, or better yet, butterflies, I’m not sure you want to skip over them.  They are part of what makes the journey that much more worth it. They’re basically telling you you’re alive and you feel.  And the ability to feel (anything) is a blessing to which our North American culture seems to not understand the value of. Not to mention that your feelings are your GPS for life (refer to Abraham philosophy) wherever you go, whatever you do.

PS. Those butterflies… AMAZING !!!!

SuzyQ, Q♥