It’s been quite the run. I am right now in the middle of the most amazing growth  opportunity I may ever have to face. And let me tell you, I’m getting taller every day and my heart is getting bigger and more capable of love.

Tonight, an old old friend made me dinner. I hadn’t seen him in months. I’ve been avoiding my guy friends. As we sat across from eachother catching up on eachother’s lives I found myself acting.  And he caught on. Finally he asked me, what’s goin on love? I’ve never seen this look in your eyes.

I cracked open.  The floodgates came tumbling down.  As I recapped the main challenge that I’ve been up against in the past years that he has been well aware of but that’s been coming to a climax, I saw him get suddenly quiet. It was a fierce energy, like that of someone steadying a ship in the middle of a storm.  I expected the usual cheer up talk, c’mon Suzy-Q you’re a fighter.  But I saw in his eyes he knew this was no Mickey Mouse Adventure. Instead he got up from his chair and came to me, let me find a place to rest my head and let it coming spilling out. The only words I heard were it’s going to be ok.  He humbly told me his own story and how there was always a miracle that happened just when he needed it.  He was completely present. Within minutes I found myself relieved, safe, hopeful. I regained my center, that strong spirit that knows EVERYTHING will work itself out. There’s no monster I can’t face with this kind of support.

If there is ever a skill you may want to master my dear opposite’s, it’s the ability to be fully present and steady when a woman is in pain.  It will literally make you a hero.

With a heart full of gratitude