This is excerpt is from a blog post that came up in a Facebook conversation I was part of. Christabel does a great job of covering almost the entire gamut of what women really want from men wether they are able to express it or not.  If more women understood this and were able to express this to men, the process of relating might be a lot smoother than it is. But then again, one has to wonder, the drama must be appreciated by both men and women or more people would dig deeper to get to a place where this wisdom is exchanged in relationship? The resources, tools and information is out there; I look forward to meeting more and more people who make exploit them in the entirety of the power they offer.  Seek and you shall find.

In the meantime I sure wish I could share this with all the men in my life and have them know just how profoundly true and deep these needs and desires are and how far they would go in exponentially shifting the dynamic experienced in how we relate.




My dear beautiful man,

What I relish from you more than anything is presence. I hunger for you to have the capacity to maintain deep, unwavering eye contact, undistracted by anything in the background. I crave your deep, resonant voice, and the slow methodical speed of your well thought out words. I yearn for you to breathe each breath with me and guide me to deepen my presence through example.

I am eager for you to stand strong, tall and powerful without figeting or getting restless. I love it when your face is relaxed enough to take me in with or without smiling, but always with deep breaths and a steady gaze. I love it when your head is held high, your spine is tall, your body looks strong and powerful. I adore it when you can hold me in a tender embrace long enough for me to melt.

I ache for your stability so I can be wild, expressive, and emotional. I want to be able to let go and go crazy with desire, passion, anger or sadness and see you still here and unwavering, just beinglike an eternal mountain range~ grounded and dependable. I long to feel your ability to stay through discomfort.

I love and adore your power because it is great and ferocious, but only when it is fueled by protective love instead of anger or the desire to control. I yearn to feel your devotion instead of any agenda to fix, solve, or match my energy. I want you to be a man so I can be fully what it is to be a woman. I love the strong, distinct flavor of male energy and I want to taste it in you through your passionate dedication to show up.

I need you to desire and cherish my radiance above your own. I need to feel that my beauty brings you into your body and gives meaning to your life. While I love that you feel emotions and I want to know about them, I hope overall you are the force of stability so I don’t need to constantly carry the mantle of strength… that diminishes my feminine light and hurts my spirit.

I love it when the flow of masculine and feminine ebbs back and forth between us both. It feels nice when you can show your strength in softness and I can flow my femininity through action… this feels delicious when we play it together. What I crave above all is the polarity in whatever dance we explore so we are magnetically drawn together.

Overall, I need you to know that I adore you! When you stand tall in your greatest power, I become the most tender, flowing and open. I want nothing more then to unleash and soften with you. I want nothing more than to trust you fully and give myself totally to you.