It’s no secret that men love teaching women (how to do) things.  And that they are great at it!  And that this exchange of giving and receiving creates a dynamic has a swooning effect on women and a puffing effect on men.

But I wonder, in a world now where the norm is that women is men’s equals – how much teaching do men get to do? It’s (in my opinion) a sad waste of beautiful and feel good swooning and puffing (O:

This teaching dynamic is a gift from men to women, and gents if you want to teach a woman something that will bring you a huge return on your investment – teach her to open. The truth is, no one can open her better than you can. And if you don’t do it, she will do it on her own and you lose out on the opportunity to be the hero that you are so meant to be. And you don’t even have to risk battle and rage a war and suffer physical wounds.

Of course, it’s in the female nature to be naturally open, but our north american lifestyles make it increasingly difficult for women to be in their natural state.  Many of us are constantly being expected to behave more like men.  “be strong”  “not show our emotions” “push and challenge ourselves harder and further”  all wonderful things but none of these are elements that create that radiant effect that so powerfully draws men in and opens their hearts.  So even though it appears to be more challenging than ever for women to remain intact with their natural flowing and radiant energies, there is opportunity in challenge.  Now more than ever, men have real and frequent opportunities to engage with women in ways that allow them to really have a deep impact on women, as so many of us have lost our way.  If you can guide a women to open herself to you now, you will gain her trust and well…I’ll have to let you discover for yourself the magical devotion that unfolds at your feet when this happens. All I can say is, believe you me, it’s well worth the challenge.

Every time you are given a moment when you can teach a woman something, make your underlying goal to open her to more. This is our natural nature, we can’t help but to respond to you when feel you gently and persistently cracking at our shell.

Step up!  Your strength is needed now more than ever!


**influenced by the teachings and work of David Deida