“You can’t solve a problem with the level of thinking that created it” -Albert Einstein

I’ve been working on a list of my own personal “maxims” – my own “rules of the road” so to speak; for relating and for living. These are for me and me only. But a conversation I had over lunch today with one of my beloved girlfriends brought me to share this one.

Of all the knowledge, wisdom and learning my life experience has brought me to come to understand – through training, through mentoring, through trial and error and learning by “pulled teeth” and white knuckles, this I know for sure:

When you’re stuck, whatever it is, when you can’t find the solution, when you feel hurt, or broken, when you can’t get what you want, when you’re suffering – opening wider than the problem, pain, hurt, fear is always the way towards the solution.

When your heartt is broken and you want to close from the pain: open wider than the pain.

When you’re stuck creatively: open wider than the block.

When you’re  pulling teeth trying to grow your business: open wider than your perceived circumstances.

When you’re broke with not a dime in your pocket and fear creeps in: open wider than the fear.


Opening is the key towards the solution which you do not know yet.  If you are not open – whatever you seek (whether you know exactly what you seek or not)cannot make its way in.

An easy way to open, in a nutshell, while bypassing the logic of it all is to mentally expand your awareness.  Mentally expand your awareness as if you were peripherally seeing beyond your field of vision.  Expand your awareness above you, below you, the front and back of you and to either side of you. Feel yourself opening to take in the whole space that your mind can perceive. Open and expand way out beyond yourself, far far far beyond yourself.

Beyond the 10 steps to success, or the 8 stages of love or the 5 rules of living a happy life or the 3 keys to financial freedom and all the other “recipes” you have access to…. No one can give you the real answers you seek.  I can’t give you the answers but I can teach you how to open wider than your perceived circumstances, how to expand your awareness to so that you can find your own.


Who knows….maybe one day I’ll make a book from my own list of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, or 1 personal maxims and you can remind that I told you that this one was the golden one. Hahah!  With all in life, you take the good and leave the rest.