The things she knows but can’t tell anyone.

The things that make her stop and feel deeply, sometimes sadly, even in the midst of such joy.

In the darkness she shares them with him, ever present.

He knows it’s the only time she will whisper her secrets, to anyone.

Only him.

They exchange whispers of the truth, where it was born and where it will grow.

There, in the darkness, against his warmth, she gains courage.

“Tonight”, she whispers, “I learned the reason why I was born.”

“And only here, now, with you, can it slip into the silky emptiness of the night that moves between us,

even in our closeness, as my body is huddled against yours, and my voice faintly reaches your ears”

She reaches over in the darkness to lay her lips against his.

A silent gesture of gratitude for the ears that receive her secret whispers and the arms that take her in.

That space is the reason she can live her necessary existence outside of it.

Because she has a place to lay out the universe where no one will see but only one person will feel.

He holds her heart and the million reasons she feels.

Always, in the silence of the night – he is there.

They are there.

Their muddled voices speak into the invisible space and no one else knows.

In the morning, its as if it never happened, except to him.

She wakes, always with her fingertips woven into his hand.