she wandered barefoot

gliding into thin air

out beyond the realm of tangibility

her soul visible through her sheerness

it fluttered to meet his

she kissed his soul

through his face

his eyelids closed, she lay her lips on them

telling his soul how she loved him

she didn’t need words to explain it all

the fear, the hurt,

there was no need for apologies

he handed her a bucket

where he had collected all  her tears

it was a large tin pail, silver, with a thin handle

he handed back the love she had drowned in

trying to express the unspoken to him

he had collected every rainfall

until this moment

she extended out her arms

he lay her love back into her hands

she smiled, one single teardrop running down her cheek

his soul reached out to embrace her

wrapped around her

tin pail in one hand,  carrying what was theirs to share,

they danced, something slow

his hand on the small of her back

his soul kissed her back

and then she woke up, him, spooned around her.

It was real.