grief to relief


it’s a different kinda feeling now this waiting for peace oh but it’s always there but how else to make peace but to be it and so in this moment I am despite the dull aching somewhere in the voidless…


someone else’s feet

chasing shoes that didn’t fit only then to see she was trying to dress someone’s else feet then she saw it kept her weak to hang on to those ideals to let an us be defined by a they who…

grief to relief, uncut

as deep as canyon

I can look back and regret the choices of my youth and I do I have never known the true essence of regret until now it’s not what it is made out to be it’s more like a yearning I…

grief to relief, uncut


The greatest remedy for death is life The greatest response to dying is living. I hold steadfastly to this belief since we said goodbye, the same way you are steadfastly at work in my life since forever only now, there…



it’s the way you fix things no, the way I watch you fix them steadfastly focused, centered, determined I love it it’s the way you need to make me smile the way you need to do your job the way…

grief to relief

In loving memory

For you love, and mark that you left on this world “You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back,or you can open…

shades of green

Shades of Green

the leaves rustling against the wind felt like my hair against your fingertips I took in the crisp fresh air thinking of possibilities it’s that feeling, you know of wanting to know more of wanting to curl into and I…

building bridges

The purest form of love

I’ve made reference to this in a previous post on Ownership but I’m here to say it again. And again. And again. The purest form of Love is FREEDOM. It’s that simple. You want be loving, set yourself free, set your…