it’s a different kinda feeling now

this waiting for peace

oh but it’s always there

but how else to make peace but to be it

and so in this moment I am

despite the dull aching somewhere in the voidless void

like an invisible brick lodged at the back of my chest

I haven’t revisited the site in my mind

left it behind

left it up to you to man up

while I move forward in search of peace

there’s something missing indeed

it’s really not you, but it is

it’s the quiet in my mind that I love so much

the quiet on the bridge between ours

is easiest attained within myself

and I know that all righteousness comes with time

all of it in fact comes with time

time is the master healer

of the summer’s grievances

men who don’t man up, hearts emptied out

quiet, peaceful goodbyes, and finally

a bridge-less bridge tarnished with lack of clarity

spat at my baggage

hissed at by a false sense of


laughed at by unheeded intuition

and so peace it is, in my soul

and time,

nothing to do,

only simply to be