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January 2011

just a girl, uncut


this is how she feels when she thinks of him wrap her arms around him happy to be warm near him and take him in he stays close to curl into him during the night warm, safe, solid present loving…

grief to relief

Never imagined you wouldn’t be here It’s not like we took it for granted. There was ample awareness of the sacred bond we shared. And now, in disbelief, my ears reach for your voice. It echoes in my mind, almost…

grief to relief

Divine Inquisition

As curious and inquisitive as I am, I am not much of a prier when it comes to others.  If I’m prying, that’s usually an indication that I am in a doubtful state.  I usually just practice focused observation to…

building bridges

Common Sense Nervousness?

I’m always boggled by people who tell me they get really really nervous before a first date.  How nervous are they really? What are they afraid of?  Rejection?  If a complete stranger calls you up and tells you they NEVER…

building bridges, expansion

Expansive Intentions

Love does not obey our expectations; it obeys our intentions.” -Lloyd Strom I have a firm belief that we can change the way we relate to someone if we truly commit to doing so.  I’ve been able to demonstrate this…


She sat there 772

she sat there willing her heart away from you wishing it away from desire remembering nights in the middle of the street knight in shining armour and her shielded in armour terrified by your love begging, pleading, prying the universe…


On Trust

I had this conversation, again, just last week with a good friend.  We were talking about being able to trust others after experiencing a breach in trust. Then I had it again with a friend who’s looking for a new…


2011!!!! Ohhh yeeahhhhhh!!!!

THE POWER OF EMOTION AS LEVERAGE Just a quick note because I know that so many of you today will be setting your targets for 2011, if you haven’t done so already.  Remember that everything you want to have, to…