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January 2010


The Grand Canyon’s Heart

she sits there wondering did the grand canyon hurt when it split open is that how it happened? maybe it was whole maybe it had love tear through it too she thinks of how much more painful it must have…

grief to relief, uncut

The Church Bells said

I walked home today In the rain with my sunny umbrella to contrast against the gray skies The church bells came As I listened to them, I wondered what you were wanting to say If their sounds was translated into…



I’ve said it a million times and will say it again I am blessed by the presence of so much light in my life people that quietly and firmly support me in all of my endeavors in all of my…

expansion, uncut

Queen of Tides

Queen of tides the world falls at her feet the ocean parts Queen of tides, dreams it and it is Master of her own domain, and only that and by default, then, of all else always it gets easier and…



She wonders what it would be like to have you close journaling in bed and you fall asleep against her opening your eyes once in a while to check that she is still awake You know she loves to have…


The Deciding Muscle

It is not integrity that makes us make good decisions but rather making good decisions that makes us integrous. – Caroline Veilleux ♥ Some decisions are a long time coming. To the naked eye, they seem single fold, but beneath…


Sorry, We’re Closed

I’ve seen it all before tricks and trade offs masquearded in sugar & spice I’ve walked these halls before sung these songs and I still pretend it’s not the same but I know all to well the truth beyond the…