I’ve seen it all before
tricks and trade offs
masquearded in sugar & spice
I’ve walked these halls before
sung these songs
and I still pretend it’s not the same
but I know all to well
the truth
beyond the surface
because the compass never lies
it always points towards home

and none of it really matters
all that matters is that I’m ok with whatever direction I point my compass towards
and this time
it’s pointing away
i don’t need answers
or big expensive promises
all I need is for my heart to be at ease
in the direction it chooses to pursue
sometimes you can’t avoid the pain
but you can avoid the suffering
self inflicted by staying put
sometimes you just gotta heed the call of your own core
no matter how logic stacks up against it
or doesn’t
I dont have to look really far answers
I just have to open my door and see that you’re not there
I don’t need fancy things from others
I can give them to myself
I can build them with another
I just need a true and steady hand to hold
who’s upturned every dusty corner
emptied out some closet space
ready to receive me
before I even made myself known
I just need an absolute green light
I already have all the rest figured out
and that’s why I don’t to look very far for what’s absolute
what’s absolute, I carry with me
it lives within

I could tell myself all the stories about trust
wanting to make fairytales
there is no such story
it’s just an excuse to let the fallacy off the hook
I don’t need to do much to know where to go next
the sign’s on the door
in case you can’t read it
it sais, “Sorry, we’re closed”