I took a walk this evening… there are tons of quaint restos around my place. Couple-watching is one my favorite past times, gives me the opportunity to create a list of magic moments to look forward to when I decide to hop on that bus. Also gives me the chance to look book on past magic momemts. So tonight, I especially noticed a man opening the car door for his lady, it made me think of chivalry, a hot subject this week.

Chivalry is alive and kicking in my surroundings. I grew up with a brother and his buddies who took good care of me, for me this is normal. The other morning, I noticed a man gesture in the 9am hustle and bustle of Berri subway station, he gestured to a woman, as if to say, go ahead, and you could tell he was honored to do so. I smiled at him, he smiled back , understanding my appreciation. My colleagues, when I told them, argued that chivalry is dead. Men don’t pay attention or take care like they used to, they argued. Dead?!?! No way!!!! I’ve been offered seats on the subway, I’ve had my bags carried for me, I get offered spots in line at the grocery store, strange men have carried Ikea furniture boxes up three flights of stairs in the cold for nothing but my smile… Dead???? I went on to point the men at work that give us their spots in meetings. That open doors for us, every single time!!!! They reach out to hold elevator doors for us, waiting for us to hop on first. They won’t go into their office until we’ve walked in… these men are paying attention!!!! And in a crazy workplace like ours where the women drive even harder than the men, it’s nice be reminded of our true essence, to still be treated as such. At first I thought it was just the big shot directors and vp’s, or the older men. But it’s not, it’s on the subway, the elevator, the bookstore, and the guy who opened the car door tonight just proved it. I think it’s a wonderful thing! And I don’t care what any woman sais, she’s getting a tiny thrill inside everytime it happens whethr she admits it or not. And if it ain’t happenning she needs to start shifting her attention to where it is…. from there watch the doors fly open baby!!!!

Queen of Tides (: