And the week’s binge continues.

As a part-time writer, creativity plays a huge part in my life. Sometimes a string of words comes to me in a flash and I have to resist the urge to hide in the corner in some bar, or to stand in between the apples and oranges at the grocery store so that I could get the words down on paper. I often find myself hanging on to these flashes for days untill I can lock them down. Sometimes, this can actually be fruitful as the mere act of carrying words around and playing with them in my head allows the idea to be perfectly ripe and ready for birthing when I finally have some free time to sit down with them. And sometimes, sadly, the flash escapes me and the genius that could have been is lost forever. The disappointment is huge, as you will know, if you are aquainted with the artist in you. And so I find myself, like Liz Gilbert, screaming at the creative source that collaborates with me in my writing, “Not now, Damm it!!! Can’t you see I’m busy!!! ”