use your muscles

It is not integrity that makes us make good decisions but rather making good decisions that makes us integrous. – Caroline Veilleux ♥

Some decisions are a long time coming. To the naked eye, they seem single fold, but beneath the surface they have been dreaded and avoided for years. When we step up and make them, there’s a sense of, for me, “butterflies-in’the-stomach”, a nervous energy, but also a deep sense of relief, or peace, of complete and total alignment with our highest self. These are the decisions that shape us, that groom us, that allow us to shine. They allow us to create our identity. They say this is who I am, and this is what I stand for, this is the life I am creating. It’s scary to think of what’s beyond the edge of the cliff, that letting go of the white knuckle syndrome. But so rewarding and thrilling to act from a place of honoring of the self. Of nurturing the self. An opportunity for healing, or rather, expansion. An oppourtunity to act from a place of love, and to be “loved” from a place of deep love and reverance. An opportunity to forgive oneself in an active way. There is so much to gain, from giving oneself the gift of doing this, of choice, and ultimately, creating from a place of empowerment. To live as such is to thrive. And we exist if not for this, then what?

Expansion is the result of life.