she sits there wondering
did the grand canyon hurt when it split open
is that how it happened?
maybe it was whole
maybe it had love tear through it too

she thinks of how much more painful it must have been for such a massive rock formation
to be broken that way
cracked open

and maybe that’s what earthquakes are
maybe it’s earth reacting to heartbreak
in the best way it knows how

she tilts her head into what could be a half smile
a twinkle in her eye
through a single tear welled up thats a dam to the rest
thinking of the beauty that came of it

or maybe it’s the leftovers of an open heart
left deserted
for all to see
for all to find wonder in
how empty it is
once you’ve opened it up and shared it with another
is that how it is?
she thinks
nothing grows there anymore thereafter
I’ll have to go see for myself she decides
Then I’ll know
but at least for now
there’s a heart that’s more beautiful than hers
that is more broken than hers
and is still so very loved