Abraham daily quote 2010-01-14

The word “hope” feels good, doesn’t it?
The word “adventure” feels good, doesn’t it?
The feeling, “fulfilling my dreams”, “satisfying experience”, “living happily ever after”, “making the world a better place”…

What does the word “laughter” make you feel?
“Oh, it was so funny I could not stop laughing”.
“I laughed and laughed until tears washed away my eyelashes”.. .

“It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen”.
“Took my breath away”…
“It was the cutest little dog I have ever seen”…
“I picked up that baby and my heart melted”…
“I remember our first kiss, fireworks”.. .
“I love my car”.
“Post office is amazing, isn’t it? You can take a piece of paper and lick a little stamp. And somebody will go to the trouble of taking your message to someone else”.

“Computers are amazing”…
“More people opening to more Energy”…
“I don’t have to lay awake in bed at night and keep my blood flowing”…
“The earth spins in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets”…
“The oxygen remains perfect for us to breathe”…

And as you being to poignantly choose those thoughts FIRST, your point of attraction will preclude anything other than wonderful things. You will literally achieve vibrational immunity to what you don’t want. And vibrational harmony with what you do want. And in doing so, you are your INNER BEING.

Abe Excerpted from Workshop O-G-2/12/94


I woke up with a flash of insight & wisdom. The words and feeling resonated stronger and stronger as the day progressed. I fed it on it’s way all day long.

As I walked the thirty minute walk to yoga from the office, I actively fell in love. I loved the fresh air, the mild weather, the beauty that lies at the heart of Montreal. The crunch of my feet on the pavement, my bare hands kinda chilly but not enough to wear gloves, my light black wool blazer with the flowered lining. I loved chanting along to Durga Das’ Shiva Om under my breath while I walked, followed by Ray playing in my ear’s. I smiled at the sign that reads “New Beginnings” near Lasalle College.  I loved my own beauty, the spring in my step, my yoga mat across my back.

During yoga, I loved the practice, and bowing in Balsana. Feeling my own long and deep Uijayi exhale. The strong feeling of my body in Warrior II, the full opening in Goddess pose, the strength of my core moving from Mountain to Chadaranga. I loved the instructor as he eased me deeper into a pose. I loved delving inwards and breathing through what felt like tears rising to the surface, and the feeling of grandma’s energy when I put my hand against her necklace on my chest.

As I walked back to the subway, I loved the fact that I’m alive, I remembered the possibilities in life, everything that still exists outside of my broken heart. The more I loved the more alive I felt again, the life coming back into my cells.

Ending off the day with a long chat with the man I have the utmost respect and admiration for, I found myself smiling, feeling alive. I even watered my plants for the first time in 2 weeks. If that’s not a sign of coming forward into life… what else is?

There is no dark switch, the light is always there waiting for us to turn our attention towards it.