Watching the glimpses of their story

flash before her

as they move from one place to another,

a place where they will no longer be visible

the deep and profound hollowness of the bongos

echoing through her

her veins full and pulsing with the flow of unnamed wisdom

letting the memories fade

he, right there, before her eyes

the opportunity she promised she’d take

she turns away from

a man’s love only holds value when it is given freely


the force of strong determination and persistence, of gentle force and insistence, is the basis of trust

the accountability

love cannot exists where neglect overbears

as greenness does not flourish without water or sunlight

she chooses to store her faith in love


pouring herself to it and it flooding her

the forgiver seeks out when he is ready

the depth of a soul connection cannot be destroyed

lest it never existed

could have been the fallacy of play

that challenge instinct seeks


lacking in trueness

escaping the height of her standards

and the ones he’d defined for them

she turns her head away

and opens her heart to the invisible and pervasive wisdom

letting it fall away

fall behind her

letting the fullness continue

reminding herself it is ever accessible