one day she realized she had healed

she was no longer heart broken

not because someone else fixed it

the memory of him had faded

his arms spooned arounds her had faded

she now fell asleep to the greatness of her days

the feeling of their sweet spots merging was gone

replaced by the sweetness of her life

always there

she no longer yearned to see his face

to listen to him share interesting things that make her feel alive and empowered

to come alive under his gaze as he watched her taste all that she loved

her heart opened again, not just under his prying claim

but naturally because she loved life

she had wanted to love him

but his cage kept her out

she had wanted to forgive,to be forgiven but he kept love at bay

all faded now

she carried the hem of her skirt in her hands like a lady

her hair flowing

happy again

knowing her love is indestructible

that she could  not make love for him

that she would no longer make love to him

but she had behaved like a lady and could be proud of treating him like  a man

the first time she ran her fingers along his arm

driving back from the airport

the memory still lingered but she knew that was shakti

moving through her

and she carried that feeling with her

knowing its value

will be valued.

indestructible love, that would take her everywhere