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July 2011

the ♥ files

Magic Moments

I spent yesterday afternoon in a hospital room, sitting in a chair beside my grandfather.  As he slept I read a book touching on Grace sent to  my good friend Ronald Arceo. There was a an elder woman sleeping in…

the yoga diaries

In sync with Yoga

I love trees. Especially big ones with deep green colored leaves or weeping willows that seem embrace the earth with their long branches.  I love the vivid colors in the autumn months. Trees represent (for me) strength, adaptability, wisdom and…


The identity label..

There mere act of defining who you are puts limits on who you can be. It can close you in some way. Instead define what you love, how you to feel, what you give, how you impact the world. Let…


The Daily Workout

The workout (redefinition according to SuzyQ): The only time in the span of a day where no one else matters.  One is totally focused, totally empowered, totally in sync with one’s body, totally in “the zone”.  There are no problems,…