I love trees. Especially big ones with deep green colored leaves or weeping willows that seem embrace the earth with their long branches.  I love the vivid colors in the autumn months. Trees represent (for me) strength, adaptability, wisdom and the soul of the world like Coelho likes to say.

This morning I listened to Sharon Cohen from Psy Santé talk about a metaphor of grounding through our feet like the roots of a tree reaching deep into the earth and our bodies being like branches flexible and undamaged when exposed to tough weather.  When we ground that way (like a tree)  our spirits become flexible like the branches of tree as we weather the challenges of life.

And this evening, before heading out to yoga, I posted The Identity Label about leaving a certain openness to our identity to avoid limiting who we might be or  become.

In our opening meditation at Yoga Bliss, the amazing Stephanie talked about the practice of witnessing ourselves as thoughts bounce around in our minds, as we tell and retell our stories throughout our day.  She talked about becoming at ease with the witness and exploring who the witness is by asking the question “Who am I”. And especially noticing the separation between the thoughts/storyteller and the witness. Noticing that they are two separate entities and that we our indeed not what we define ourselves to be in our thoughts and stories and mind chatter.  Noticing that all of that is constantly in flux, that it can be positive and negative our anything at any point in time.  But the witness, the witness is ever present and ever the same.  And that rather than attaching ourselves to an identity we can develop more rapport with the witness and explore who this being within us is.

I loved watching my day come together, all of it syncing up, coming together and knowing that I am tapped in, tuned in, turned on. Even when I stray, I am always coming back to being synced up. That I know I am heading in the right direction simply by the dialogue(s) happening around, or that I am being engaged in.  As I lay in savasana listening to Ian (our music yogi for the evening) gently strum his guitar and soothe us with mantra, I relaxed even more knowing that I don’t have to do anything but just be open and let all the pieces fall into place.

On that note, Namaste

-Fireyogi (O: