a woman who smiles at life
who loves all
but a few have her heart forever
those few are sacred to her
and will always be carried with her
one who is open
but few have seen a glimpse of the root of light that lives within her
curious of the light
she is drawn to it and follows it everywhere
and it follows her
one who shares all knowledge
from person to person
like a torch lighting up the night
a woman who sees you
and lights up as she recognizes the light within you
it fills her up to see the light in others

she is a woman who kisses her lover’s eyelids
as a sign of love
as if she were kissing his soul
and the crease of his nose
taking in his scent
letting it move within her
like blood through her veins
one who cries at his beauty
in admiration of the wonderful lover she has chosen
and he has chosen her

her hand slips into his
she takes in the bond
feels it presence in her body
feeling his strength
his breath
his essence
and carries it with her


Om parama prema rupaya namaha ♥