“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~Rumi
when I opened my eyes this morning
I found a certain squirrel in my tree
it reminded me of a Saturday morning
spent playing like children
except we were lovers in bed
and birds on a wire
I found the missing piece of my puzzle
haven’t put it in yet
but I found it
and when I connect the pieces
it ll bridge the gap from where I am
to where I’m going
I’m not looking for a friend
or a lover
or a man
or partner
or someone to make mine
or a husband
I’m finding My Love
and he will be all this and more
he will be gentle
he will be strong
he will be truth
he will be forever present
and loyal
a man who lives his principles louder than he speaks them
he will know
when to come closer
and when to let me breath
he will know when to stay
ever present in many forms
he is brave
enough to tell me how he loves how I love him
and if I’ve hurt him
forever present
enough to confess willingly and openly his wrongs
he will make them right
say them right
enough to face me in all his facets
trusting enough that His Love love’s My Love more than our errs
that our bond is that sacred
treating it as such
as much, if not more than speaking it
I will always know, in all all ways
that I am His Love
brave enough to learn and grow from his errs
enough to be differently
knowing that His Love will watch and smile
in quiet and loud applause
will watch and Love
we will be blessed with divine grace
we will create a sanctuary
he will understand the flow of energy
with reverence and respect
he will have depth
but will be light
laughter will echo loudly and often through our hearts
My Love will pull me pull me close
in an urban moonlit kitchen
to whisper the words of angels in the darkness
to whisper the truth of truths
to whisper love
and words of gratitude
and when his lips reach for mine
I will reach for his soul