Special dedication to good man who houses, within him, a beautiful heart.

I wanted to protect her.

Keeping her smile intact mattered more to me than putting her on my shelf.

It was deeper than the instinct to own a territory,

I wanted to claim her heart.

I knew, that if I safeguarded the bright half moon on her lips,

she would  eventually offer her heart.


I also wanted to fall into her abyss,

to know the ins and outs,

unpaved corridors, where a light had never been lit before.

Where storms had passed and darkness only, had been left behind.

I wanted to be showered with the expression of herself, the way she burst open at beauty and sweetness,

I wanted more of her.


But as much as it was about me,

it was, also, about her.

In all of this, I wanted to give to her,

not strip from her.

She let herself be filled with expression

in the palm of my hand,

I felt her pulse.

It was the only way I could tell where her smile was still beating.

There, and on her breath,

when she lay against me, stood in front of me.

On her lips, when I moved in to kiss her

and in her body, when I pulled her into me.

Her pulse, I learned, was everywhere.

It was mine to guard.


-Kim Mecca