Stay close to my heart
My beloved
Stay close
In all that we do
Lend an ear, always to the whispers of my heart
So that there is no need for shouting
Let your eyes read
Your ears hear
Your senses feel
Stay so close
No matter how we are hurting
That the whispers can echo
Into yours

Did you hear me
Do you see me

Let my touch gently call you back
‘I’m hurting, I’m hurt’
When you hear that silence
In my face
In the closure of my body
Ask me what I’m afraid of
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me
With your words
Your embrace
Your lovemaking
Tell me you can hear me
Tell me all the ways you love me
Tell me of my beauty
How you are grateful
For my gentle kisses
On your eyelids
My hand that snuggles under yours
The way I relax against your touch on my thigh
When I am beside you
Let me feel you
Feeling me
Let me feel you
Holding me
Claiming me
Again and again
Let me see you as the man who
Wether he feels he deserves me or not
Will rise
Rise to meet my expansiveness with your presence filling it
When I whisper shouting
There is a void
Feel into that void
Feel me yearning for you to fill it

I love you
I love you
I love you