She lined up against the railing listening to the seals moan and groan, saying what they say each other. They were massive and much louder then she’d thought they be. Some of them had scabs on their backs, some were wet from just having lunged themselves on the dock. Hopping around on their bellies, nestled against each other to stay warm. If only humans were that comfortable being so close to each other, scabs and all. She stood among the thick crowd, all stretching out their necks to get a good view. Her rain boots, thick sweater, jacket, and wool scarf wrapped three times around her neck, were not enough to keep her warm. 

Standing there, alone, as she always thought she wanted to be; she realized, a life worth living is a life shared. In that moment, she surrendered to her own self, ‘Let it be. Let what you want find you, simply by letting yourself want it’. She knew, everything else would just fall away.