the ♥ files

near and far, now and again

she stepped in his home sitting at the angle of the table so she could be near him what’s his name? he asked   sitting on a park bench the sound of her tears muffled by the rustling autumn leaves…

the ♥ files

to live with an open heart

some goodbyes happen quietly hidden beneath the surface shiny eyes wobble tears within them beneath the emerging moonlight as you pull me into your shoulder where I lay the smaller sobs that I am not holding back reasons why unuttered…

just a girl

walking away

some goodbye’s are choices made without thinking too much too much thought would make them impossible to make and so she chose to let him fly back this man from a sunny sunday afternoon at the market without ever letting…

grief to relief

Never imagined you wouldn’t be here It’s not like we took it for granted. There was ample awareness of the sacred bond we shared. And now, in disbelief, my ears reach for your voice. It echoes in my mind, almost…

grief to relief

The Art of Love

it was the words we never spoke out loud even in empty spaces for fear the walls would hear but in the space between us, they were allowed those ugly things you are never supposed to think or feel, the…