the universe abhors a vacuum.
I cannot tell you how many times my best friend repeated this to me over the course of friendship.  Teaching me the value of the void as an interim, a space to be filled in due time with things that keep being realigned with what is best suited for us during different periods.
The challenge to so many relationships, all types included, is learning to say goodbye when time calls for it. Accepting goodbye when it comes to face us for no seemingly useful reason. Or despite the heartwrenching pain of grief. Or embracing it when is best for us. Or when it is best for someone else and you’re just the instrument of service.
When someone leaves your life, sometimes, more than one person at a time, it’s meant to create space for what is making its way in. She must have been,in some ways, preparing me for her own departure by teaching me this lesson very early on in our friendhsip. It’s often a diffuclt challenge because human beings are creatures of connection, but if you can sit tight and embrace the void.  Befriend it as the bringer of peace, the sower of seeds and tender of crop, the reaper of harvest; you will come to trust it’s purpose and find comfort in it’s dharma.
If you can learn to move with it, like a wave comes in and out of shoreline, always bringing back with it more, washing ashore new gifts to build on the existing ones; the void will become your best friend.
SuzyQ, Q♥