some goodbye’s are choices made

without thinking too much

too much thought would make them impossible to make

and so she chose to let him fly back

this man from a sunny sunday afternoon at the market

without ever letting him see her face again

or kiss her

and have him feel her rub her face against his

or running his hands along her body

this scene is familiar he whispered to her

the following evening

as she lay across his chest

the same way she had just done until dawn

and then he kissed her, long

deeply, the way she should be kissed

some goodbye’s just have to be that way

some love stories never see their own end

they crash on take off

lies, truth, and love

his why wasn’t enough to keep her

and he wasn’t going to stay anyway

he knew she was not one to be caged

and so he loved her, and so she would die

slowly, as he fought her freedom

they both knew

and never looking back

she let him go