The thing about relationships is that they shine a very bright light onto everything you don’t want to see… about yourself. Your negative habits, behaviors, states, attitudes, the things you refuse to do or change, your weaknesses. Your inability to cope, or step up, open up, be real, be gentle, trust, believe, be intimate, and even sometimes love.

When we relate to friends and peers we have alot of control over the amount of time we spend with them, your family is your family, but your partner, oh, your partner, you can’t avoid your partner. You can’t hide. You can’t play pretend.

When you see that ugly side of yourself, you have choices. You can decide what you are or are NOT willing to change, where you are willing to step up. You can laugh and love yourself and choose to commit to a better way. You can allow yourself to be moved to a higher place, yes, you can say yes to that by letting go of the resistance. You can refuse to change and be stubborn and suffer the pain of white knuckle syndrome. You can step back and reflect, is the call to change a call to elevate your vibration? To raise the bar? or to control? Is the call of purity and empowerment? Will it benefit you as well? The why not? why not choose a better feeling way? Why not simply say , yes!!! I want to feel better WITH you?