So you think you’re non judgmental? You have a problem with people being judgmental? Boy do I have news for you…. we are judgmental beings. You don’t think so? Why? Because you love others even when they are overweight? Because you look beyond the exterior? Because you love everyone and are open minded? So judgement only happens in certain areas? Consider the following statements… it’s such a beautiful day… I hate the rain, I love that skirt, he’s so loud, she’s such a sweetheart.. We are constantly evaluating how we feel in relation to things. This is the nature of the beast. The thing is, some evaluations (judgments) have more of an impact on our experience of life than others. (If you’re not familiar with the quantum theory observer effect, this blog post is not for you.) So when you think that someone is a acting like a jerk and you hold on to that impression and repeat it over and over in your mind, this is when your evaluations become problematic as they negatively influence your experience of life. (btw..I’m not really here to debate whether or not you agree with me, simply here to bring some awareness to just how often we put our judgment skills to use and how we can minimize the impact by being more conscious). The quicker you can accept the nature of the beast, the quicker you can learn how to deal with it. So here it is, the trick is.. to notice and let go.

So you decide someone is full of it because they aren’t showing up the you want them to. Acknowledge it. Notice it and let go. You feel guilty for something you did, notice and let it go. You keep feeling guilty notice it and let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Keep letting it go. Notice it and let it go. Practice it all day long, I feel xxx, notice it and let it go, What a xxx, notice it and let it go, I hate that… notice it and let go. You love this, you dislike this, this person looks funny, that person can’t dress because her socks don’t match, she’s irresponsible because… notice it and let go.

Two things will a happen. 1- You will realize just how much time you spend in your head evaluating everything. 2- You will feel better, things will flow easier because you’ll be letting it all go. Just try it.

I remember sitting there the first time I was introduced to this idea, my home play for a week was to practice this everywhere all the time. I was amazed. Life got so much easier. Now I make no qualms about the fact that I judge, but I have no guilt attached to it because I also know that it’s gone in a flash. I know to let it go. I know the more I let it go, the more room there is for new, fresher experiences in my life. Now I practice noticing the great stuff. And have absolutely zero qualms about judging all of that. Except that when you live that way, you get so used to feeling good that feeling bad being becomes intolerable . You’ve taken life to a whole other level.