it’s in him that she found the space to connect with her carefree nature
not a worry in the world
except to wonder how much more joy and meaning she could bring to his life
to her life
she wrote
as the words had no end
like highways that run through the desert
or rivers that run to feed oceans
she was light and carefree
endless joy and creativity stemmed from her
like long branches reaching for the sky
more and more everyday day

he is all that he already is
and more
he is her roots
strong and grounded
they sustain the flow
allowing her sway gently and safely
like leaves in the wind

he is her fire
moving forward transforming energy
taking action
owning himself
her banister
he steadies the walk
he’s got her
she can count on him

she opens and closes
he knows to open her
he knows to sway gently with her
he knows to let himself open with her