night gives way to dawn when her lips curve

into a smile and she leans over to whisper into his ear

they all want to know the secrets

she shares with him

and him with her

like a private invisible highway that moves back and forth between them

like an imaginary world painted on the face of a pond

shimmering outwards as sunlight hits the faces of the sacred characters

men and women, both

lean in wishing for a drop of the light she offers him

like the drop that splashes when a rock smoothly skims the surface of the water

barley making a sound yet its magical beauty and wonder will not go unnoticed

as the ripples move silently outward

against the quiet wave that caresses the shore

and he

he swallows her with his presence

melting in place from her emanating beauty

the more he melts

the more she is swallowed whole by him

as he settles around her

holding them gently in (moving) place

along the invisible highway that moves through space and time

to magical places far deeper than she ever imagined