You know the stuff you do when you’re trying to get someone to think or feel differently when what you really want to do is tell them their attitude sucks- they can feel it.  People can feel it when you’re…


Look for what you are looking for

Words are powerful. How we use them has weight and impact on the shaping of our life experience.  It’s subtle, but still very powerful.  There’s a lot of information out there that teaches you how to use your languaging to…


The Daily Workout

The workout (redefinition according to SuzyQ): The only time in the span of a day where no one else matters.  One is totally focused, totally empowered, totally in sync with one’s body, totally in “the zone”.  There are no problems,…


An Empowering Metaphor

On my way back down from the daily run yesterday, on serpentine road, running with my new partner, I was thinking about the icy conditions from build up of  compiled snow and thaw. The road was well maintained, there was…


Open Sesame

For the past year the main entrance to my subway station has been closed. For months I kept smacking my nose up against the door morning after morning, expecting it to be open. It took so long for me to…