angelcoupl_7b4qat91at the foot of the master

she bows her head as he strums her heart strings

at the foot of her love

she bares herself naked at his faintest whisper

opening her body to him

and though he lets her wander

she’s been claimed by him

she will remain as such

until a more powerful man undoes his claim

sleeping, spooned in, in a new adventure

she finds herself yearning to be claimed by his power

wanting to feel him fully

in each crevice, his presence undeniable

like a drug pulsing through her veins

she is willfully at his mercy

and so as she lays

head bowed

body bent forward

palms down

she breathes in the music

letting it pour through her veins

letting the musical master bring her to edge of her desire

thinking of her love

and his claim on her

and where he will lead them next

every inch pulsating

wiling each moment to bring him into her

so she can wrap herself around him

and come undone