just a girl

icy mornings and summer walks

still wrapped in the early morning’s deep slumber she walked into the somber space, the scent of fresh coffee circulating around her the familiar exchange of smiles against the peaceful early morning ambiance that comforting sense of his arm around…

grief to relief


He left her In Purple wonder Astonished In cowardice The last man she would think Incapable of love Basic human love Fellowship But then again Integrity was not his finest quality He’d kept secrets Living in fear And she lived…

the ♥ files

coming home

Lying here As the chilly fall air seeps in through the walls Complete ease moves like wave between us And passion rolls along the edges of the waves Keeping us warm and alive Sleeping peacefully I can feel the depth…

the ♥ files

near and far, now and again

she stepped in his home sitting at the angle of the table so she could be near him what’s his name? he asked   sitting on a park bench the sound of her tears muffled by the rustling autumn leaves…

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If you dare

Come in, she sais Come inside, to the place beyond where the barriers are Let your presence be felt in every nook and corner Let it slip through all the walls Reaching into the depths of both of your beings…

the ♥ files

the secrets she whispers

night gives way to dawn when her lips curve into a smile and she leans over to whisper into his ear they all want to know the secrets she shares with him and him with her like a private invisible…



Wherever God lays His glance Life starts Clapping.   The Myriad Creatures grab their instruments And join the Song.   Whenever love makes itself known Against another Body   The Jewel in the eye starts To Dance. -Hafiz

the ♥ files

the ship and the ocean

I  am the ocean and you the ship without me you could not travel and without your direction, we would not get anywhere   I know you become fearful at my never ending vastness and depth but you must know…



her body laid before him like an angel, slain and split open like a sacrificial offering with each slow strum of his fingers a chord resonates through her body the curves of her silhouette reflected in the luster of his…

the ♥ files

The Violin and its Melody

  The sound of your violin may be beautiful but I am more interested in the melody of your music than the notes you make with your instrument Your notes over time are just as a important as your notes…