still wrapped in the early morning’s deep slumber

she walked into the somber space, the scent of fresh coffee circulating around her

the familiar exchange of smiles against the peaceful early morning ambiance

that comforting sense of his arm around her, pulling her in

standing beside her, proud, suddenly took her over

she could feel the weight of his arm, the expansion of proud chest

his lips pressed gently, momentarily against her forehead

receiving the memory as if were still true

it sat within her juxtaposed against the squelching in her chest

the slippery sidewalks training her away from reaching out for his hand, no longer there

taking her away from the path of their long walks

where worlds unfolded against summer afternoons and warm  starlight evening skies

coffees in hand, trying to be discrete about their grinning faces

one foot in front of the other, the thin ice faintly whispered to her

indeed, is how every journey must be travelled

whatever company we hold

stepping off the sidewalk, coffee in hand, no arm around her, smile on her lips, knowing

the things we leave behind make room for the best that is yet to come