In the small jungle I created for myself

I found a way

To build faith

To discover its existence within me

Sheltered from the the ego’s craving from revenge

letting disappointment fall away amidst the chaos

I turned the other way

and found

that love had remained, to surround me

it danced around, it honoured me, it danced with me

I felt its hand pull mine along gently

to those, I offer a heart full of gratitude


I found my own love

incapable of destruction

wandering aimlessly, knowing this is the way

the way, is there, even when I don’t see it

or you think I’ve wandered from it

I know

sitting onto the earth , my head bowed down, tears dripping

leaving a shimmery puddle

knowing with full certainty

that the well is continuously renewed

that this moment

is love

that pausing, perched, momentarily,

in chaos

is the way to take flight again