"stop trying to dance to a rhythmn that isn't yours. nothing out there belongs in here"
About Me

Hi to everyone.
My name is Kim Mecca!

I dream of a world where love, space and rest are skillfully employed as powerful problem solving forces, people are at ease with vulnerability, sugar is as illegal as cocaine, and organic is the new non-organic.

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Inspiration category

Coming from two
different cultures has
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our design process.

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building bridges

Calling all teachers

Have you ever been in a position where someone had something of value to teach you and you were interested, but the person was so focused on what they  had to teach that they were clueless on your level of…

the writing files


If you want to hurt someone I mean really hurt them, Ignore them. Deny them the right to express themselves. The right to look you in the face and tell you how they feel. Deny them the right to your…

building bridges

How does the light get in?

The whole L.A. Clippers, Donald Sterling fiasco set the stage for some interesting conversations 2 weeks ago. I’m totally late publishing this post but I’m going ahead and sharing anyway. In a few different conversations with friends, of different backgrounds,…

the writing files

Early Spring

As she walked in the cold morning air, her body facing the sun and  the four men approached, she realized he was among them. She panicked wondering why they were running into each other daily like this. She did not…

building bridges

Stacking up with open hearts

Loyalty isn’t getting away with things when no one is looking.  Loyalty isn’t other people’s standards, or what others will think, or what society labels is right or wrong. Loyalty isn’t defined externally, by anyone. Loyalty, is choosing what is…

building bridges

To be sorry

This is so beautiful! “Sorry. Sorry means you feel the pulse of other people’s pain as well as your own, and saying it means you take a share of it. And so it binds us together, makes us trodden and…

the ♥ files

Dear you

A letter to the last man I loved: And love you, I did.  I loved you for your brilliance. The way you knew so much, and were curious about what you didn’t.  For your openness. Pure, and beautiful.   I…


Worthless – an interlude

I was asked, by the amazing VOYCE* to write a piece for something he’s been working on, something that would speak to the word worthless as it relates to relationships… the way you touch me even though it intoxicates me I…


One question

We’ve all been there, we want something, or want to help someone and we know we have a way to influence circumstances in favour of the outcome we are keen on. What do you?  When is it ok to use…