About Author

Kim Mecca wants to live in a world where love, space and rest are skillfully employed as powerful problem solving forces, people are at ease with vulnerability, sugar is as illegal as cocaine, and organic is the new non-organic.

Wordsmith at kimmecca.com, blogger an Huffington Post, NLP practitioner, professional writer, and author of The Joy of Cancer: A Journey of Self-Discovery. This biographical memoir narrated by Kim tells the inspiring story of how one woman used her breast cancer diagnosis to slowly transform her life and touch thousands of others.

When she’s not writing, she’s usually immersed in some sort of explorative activity that will open her mind, heart or spirit. The remainder of her free time is spent being active or spending time with her closest friends and family – preferably combined.

Her latest spoken word work (and the most fun she’s ever had making art) will be featured on VOYCE*’s upcoming album AiaC: Angels & Demons, set to hit airwaves this summer.

An avid yogi, as of recently, she privately teaches yin yoga, incorporating a unique blend of yoga, NLP and hypnosis; leveraging the body to support the mind to help others tap into their resources and experience desired states of consciousness.

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