"stop trying to dance to a rhythmn that isn't yours. nothing out there belongs in here"
About Me

Hi to everyone.
My name is Kim Mecca!

I dream of a world where love, space and rest are skillfully employed as powerful problem solving forces, people are at ease with vulnerability, sugar is as illegal as cocaine, and organic is the new non-organic.

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Inspiration category

Coming from two
different cultures has
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our design process.

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just a girl

I know you think you’re lost but you were never lost when you knew how to open my heart better then I could when I stood before you not even knowing how closed I was how did you know how…

the ♥ files

to live with an open heart

some goodbyes happen quietly hidden beneath the surface shiny eyes wobble tears within them beneath the emerging moonlight as you pull me into your shoulder where I lay the smaller sobs that I am not holding back reasons why unuttered…

the ♥ files

not an overnighter…

  As they wheeled my father back into his hospital room I watched the exchange between he and my mom. I sat quietly behind them, wanting to be invisible, not wanting to disrupt them.  In a moment, the glances they exchanged told…



Wherever God lays His glance Life starts Clapping.   The Myriad Creatures grab their instruments And join the Song.   Whenever love makes itself known Against another Body   The Jewel in the eye starts To Dance. -Hafiz


Why is a great question, when used properly.

I think know someone who has experienced working really hard to achieve something really special or important to them  only to find themselves utterly dissatisfied after having achieved it.  They may even feel worse, because they thought this was the…


So you want more?

Every Olympic athlete has a coach. Every sports team relies on coaching. Why? Because they want to excel. Don’t you? Paula Engels excels. And she can guide you to your own excellence. You go in looking for solutions, and come…

grief to relief

Sipping Orzo

I sit at my kitchen table slowly sipping a warm cup of orzo gently kissed with almond milk the way it always is Ray’s soothing voice bathes the apartment watching the sun rays stream into my living room the way…

building bridges

the space between the knuckles

Resilient, enduring & fulfilling friendships do not happen by chance.  Although the seed from which they grow may come from a force larger than thus, their enduring quality is the result of nourishment and nurturing.  Like a garden- they must…

building bridges

something worth seeking out

We tend to seek out superhuman qualities in our partners as if our partners are meant to be superhuman beings.  But really we should seek an openness and willingness to evolve and expand in whatever areas are important to you….