I know you think you’re lost

but you were never lost when you knew how to open my heart better then I could

when I stood before you not even knowing how closed I was

how did you know how to reach into my shell

without even cracking it

did you know the magic you were doing?

and when you would lay beside my bed

on the floor

watching me sleep, holding my hand

why did you fight your heart that way

I can still remember your hands on my bare skin

that night, they cooled my body

warm from slumber

and now, as I apply the balm on a wound

the way you taught me

I remember you caring for me

I try to push you out of my mind

knowing you have gone

there is no reason for me to wait for you

I know you want to know who will still be around

but I was never gone, my heart never left your side

even closed, it waited for you to open me

and now open, all it wants is pour its love into yours

why is it that  you leave  when I finally open my heart?

especially this time, when it was you who opened it.