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The things she knows but can’t tell anyone. The things that make her stop and feel deeply, sometimes sadly, even in the midst of such joy. In the darkness she shares them with him, ever present. He knows it’s the…


The seeds of your empire

As you get older, particularly if you have children, leaving behind a legacy becomes of higher priority. For some people it’s life insurance, a family business, an entrepreneurial empire, real estate, a published book, a gold medal, saving the world…


“Shoulding” all over others

One of my pet peeves is people who “should” all over others.  You know the expression, “Don’t should all over yourself?”  Well people tend to “should” on others as well.  And it peeves me off.  It’s meant with good intentions…

building bridges

Apples and Oranges

Here’s what goes haywire in many relationships. Person A, Sophie, is expressing or seeking to fulfill a need; love, comfort, freedom, support, appreciation, respect, x,y,z… For Sophie, the fulfillment of this need is defined a by certain parameters. It can…


It’s here! It’s here!

  It’s finally here!  Olga and I are so pleased to announce that The Joy of Cancer is finally available on AMAZON.COM.  For our Canadian friends, if you want to save a few $ on the shipping, it will be…

the ♥ files

What women really want…

This is excerpt is from a blog post that came up in a Facebook conversation I was part of. Christabel does a great job of covering almost the entire gamut of what women really want from men wether they are…

the ♥ files

a man’s heart

“you have to be able look deep into a man to know the nature of his heart… and to look deep, you have to have love” -Peace, Love & Misunderstanding

building bridges

Relationship ROI

One of my girlfriend’s said it really well this evening “If we invested as much time in our relationships as we did in our careers, they would thrive just as well”. We aren’t taught this. It’s not a big part…

the ♥ files


fingertips running slowly under the curve of her soft feet triggered a memory of warm summer nights on park benches white dress silhouette Soft skin under the light of the stars And lamp posts bright even beneath the hovering of…