As you get older, particularly if you have children, leaving behind a legacy becomes of higher priority. For some people it’s life insurance, a family business, an entrepreneurial empire, real estate, a published book, a gold medal, saving the world – or just a slice of it.  What’s always been clear to me, beyond any form of a tangibility, the most important legacy we create, is, how we live our lives.  Because how we live our lives is what creates all the great stuff mentioned above.

Your life is your legacy.

How did you treat people today?  Strangers, the people you love, the people you just met. Your boyfriend. Your ex-girlfriend. Yourself? What seed did you plant today that made the day worthwhile?

Did you do something you were afraid of?  Were you disciplined?  Did you laugh?  Were you grateful? Did you make one of your wrongs right?  Did you let someone off the hook? Can you walk with your head high knowing you behaved in a way and treated others with your highest integrity?  Did you pose one action towards one of your dreams?

Can you go to bed, tonight, every night, knowing you were the best version of yourself, right now?  No, not perfect, just the best version of yourself considering where you are and what you know right now.

Most all did you make any attempt to feel good?  Any at all? and how can you build on that tomorrow? and the day after?

You can build all the empires you like, strive to reach all the goals you want (and you will, no doubt), just know that the legacy of your life is being written moment to moment in all the choices you make.

It all counts.  It’s not the end of the world – but a step.  And one step after another, one penny on top of another, one gesture above another; that’s how mountains are moved.